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Vera Koedooder - Nieuws - Archief - Interview op


Vera Koedooder - Nieuws - Archief - Interview op

Interview op

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Vanaf vandaag staat er een interview van mij op Cyclingfx.
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- How are you doing at the moment after you broke your collarbone at the track World Cup in Los Angeles a few weeks ago?

It's 4,5 week after my crash now, and it's going quite well at the moment. Since the beginning of this week I'm back on the race bike again, but my condition is not the same as it was anymore. I can notice that I was off the bike for four weeks.

- How do you look back at the past season?

The past season went very well. It was a beautiful "step up" year after my pelvis artery operation in November 2005.

I won 8 races; Oploo, Rijsoord, District Championships Time-Trial, Kaatsheuvel, Brasschaat, the scratch at the World Cup Track in Sydney and the pursuit at the Dutch track Championships. Further I won the team ranking in the Top competition with the Buitenpoort-Flexpoint team and was 7th in the individual ranking.

Next to that I was 3rd in the pursuit at the European track Omnium, 6th at the Dutch Championships time-trial and 2nd in the Omloop van Borsele.
My program was not really international, but that will change in 2007!

- You switched from the Buitenpoort Flexpoint team to Team DSB Bank. Why did you choose for this team?

The staff of Team DSB Bank has a lot of confidence in me, and they are really professional with us in several aspects. A lot of matters are arranged very well, they have added an effort physiologist, a dietician and a physiotherapist to their staff.

I will also ride more international races than with my former team, where I missed the Holland Ladies Tour and the Rotterdam Tour.
Besides our team will ride a beautiful program, with a lot of races which will make me stronger as a rider. But also races which I would like to ride very much, and where I have possibilities to do well.

- How do you see the Team DSB Bank of 2007?

Team DSB Bank is/becomes a top team, just look to the riders who are riding for it (laughs). And like I said it's very professional.
It's a mix between young and older riders. So far the ambiance is good, and therefore I think the top results will come naturally.

- How do you look back at your period with the Buitenpoort Flexpoint team?

I had a nice period, the ambiance was very good and I still have contact with Mirjam Melchers and Sandra Rombouts (retired in the meantime) outside cycling. The team is professional, also because there are riding a lot of international top class riders.

- How is your schedule looks like after your rehabilitation?

In principle my first goal was to qualify myself for the Track World Championships in the end of March. I have missed four very important weeks so I don't know if I'll get in shape in time for this event.

If I won't succeed it will be a pity, but then I'll start immediately on the road. On my schedule I have planned some World Cups, just as Drenthe, Top Competition races, Classics and some stage races.

Which races I'm going to do you can see at among the section results.

- What are your ambitions/goals for this season?

I'll try to ride faster than the previous years. Further I hope to make progression and put a step forward in my career. I hope we can reach a lot of red/blew podium places with the DSB girls!

For myself I hope to do well at the National Championships, the top competition, classics and track races. For the last goal I hope to qualify myself with a good shape for Beijing 2008!

- When are you satisfied at the end of this season?

Pff hard to say. Sometimes bad luck gets in the way, like I had in the past month. But there is nothing you can do about it.

I want to achieve at least one of the mentioned goals. That will be among others a good performance in the National Championships, top competitions, classics and stage races. But there will be satisfaction as well if the team has won a lot and we achieved the maximum ourselves.